Contribution guide

Improve or add entries, give feedback.

Please help improve the content of this site or give feedback. The preferred actions are:

  • Create an issue at the GitHub page. Recommended for smaller changes.
  • Fork the GitHub project and create a pull request. Recommended for larger changes and if you are familiar with pull requests on GitHub repositories.

See also the Contribution guidelines on GitHub.

Improving games/frameworks/tools information

Entries for open source games, gaming engines and gaming tools are stored as human readable text version in a markdown format (example). For each entry, the database content can be seen when clicking on "Raw entry" below the entry. You can suggest corrections or updates to an entry or a list of entries in one of the preferred way specified above (issue at the issue tracker or GitHub pull request).
Please refer to the Contribution guidelines before. For suggesting screenshots, please add a message to this issue.

Improving developers information

The developer information relates developers to open source games they have participated in. Developer profiles on GitHub, SourceForge or BitBucket are linked on a developer information and also on the game entries in the developers field. Please suggest changes or additions to the developer section within an issue at the issue tracker (see above).

Improving inspirations information

Inspirations are short pieces of information that collect links to inspirations website or Wikipedia websites and also link to all entries that have this game as inspiration. Please only edit entries "Inspiration" fields to indicate that a game has a certain inspiration. If not sure, suggest changes or additions to inspirations within an issue at the issue tracker (see above).